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Welcome to one of the most enchanted, beautiful rain forest on earth! Costa Rica is untouched, rural, and has a thriving life of it's inhabitants. Ti-ti monkeys, and white face monkeys in the trees, turtles, iguanas, and The most beautiful tropical birds.

I highly recommend to vacation in manual Antonio, perfect little tourist spot, that is still a hidden jem in Costa Rica. Imagine being in a bungalow under the rain forest, listening to the rain sing? Just bliss!

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The beaches there also are very comfortable, safe, and excellent for kids. There is many venders along "Manuel Antonio beach " where you can buy hand made everything. Costa Rica is very green, including the ocean; not a blue like Hawaii. Surf is great in some areas, depending on the time of year, however this trip we went mid-October and waves were low and peaceful. Excellent for swimming snorkeling, kayaking, which many of the resorts provide. Costa Rica also has fun excursions including, horse back riding, ziplining, and river Rafting- up to level 5. I have personally done all of them, and loved them all differently. My absolute favorite was the Horse back riding. I rode through the rain forest and ocean while it poured, saw many different inhabitants, and an incredible authentic lightning storm. It was quite exciting!

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A typical "Tico breakfast" would be eggs, rice, and beans with a side of salsa. They have variety around town and it's always fun to adventure and try different spots. My absolute fav little cafe is Emelio's cafe. It over looks an incredible view, and the coffee is delicious. However the lifestyle of the people are very slow, and relaxed. They are a simple life, and totally happy with that. For example, you will have to ask for the check when you are done eating, because they do not want to rush you. The culture is very patient, and appreciates all of the tourist. Life is always going so fast! Slow down, and enjoy the moment.

There is SO much more i could say about beautiful Costa Rica. But i will say this, it's a MUST for you to go, if you are wanting an adventure in the enchanted rainforest. I can't wait to go back, and i will soon. "Pura vida",untill next time!

and P.S. this is a picture of my husband and i after hiking through the rain forest and finding a beautiful secret waterfall.


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