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MAUI: Vacationing while Pregnant

Aubree collette Lee

MAUI! What I can I possibly say to describe this amazing place? Beautiful, peaceful, laidback, sexy, romantic, gorgeous, tranquil, and down right AMAZING. My husband and I decided to go to Maui while I was pregnant (7 months) and it was definitely an experience. But being pregnant can get exousting.... especially while traveling. Even mentally it’s important to remember a few things if you are going to be flaunting your body on beautiful beaches. Some things to remember while pregnant and having a beach vacation:

  • You may feel and look like a beached whale, but your actually glowing, your brining life and that is beautiful no matter what!

  • Use pregnancy safe sunscreen

  • Stay dehydrated at all times

  • Snack vs. big meals

  • Fun, light exercise

  • Sleep and nap

  • Be cautious if you go on the snorkeling tour a book A boat of any kind- some can get seasick

  • Pack multiple outfits for comfort

From snorkeling in the beautiful blue off the shore of “Black Rock” to seeing so many fish 🐠 and turtles swimming off the shore of Aston Kaanapali, to gushing about the enchanted mountains, what more could a preggo babe want?

Here's our VLOG:

Here’s a list of things You can do in Maui while pregnant:

  • snorkeling (including a tour)

  • work out

  • prenatal message

  • Sun, sand, beach (just use lots of safe pregnancy sunscreen and stay hydrated)

  • swimming

  • watch a sunrise

  • enjoy a sunrise

  • virgin piña colada‘s and bloody Mary’s

  • Food: as much as you want 😝

Not too bad right? I still had a lovely time with out doing “too much” or drinking. Traveling is such a wonderful experience and memory that you share with your spouse. I know it cost money, but it’s a wonderful investment in your marriage. No regrets, and untill next, MAUI! Xoxo Aubree collette Lee

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