Being kind: When others don’t deserve it.


Being Kind is the hardest thing when others don't deserve it. It‘s often the moment we become defensive, or retract. But the truth is being kind is holding your ground. It gives strength to an unshakable unmovable YOU. Today I had was at a photoshoot where a client kept in directing insulting my body. They kept saying “How can a plus model have “A Cups“ and such smaller Breast’s?” WOW. I was not expecting that comment. It was honestly so rude, and I could of immediately got defensive. I am a Plus Model, I am a curve model, and I am a toned curve model, so no I don’t have huge breast. But you know what, I didn’t.

I could’ve so easily gotten upset, but I didn’t. it wasn’t worth me losing my peace over or my focus while I was on set at a photo shoot. I honestly didn’t give ANY attention to the comment. And I have size C cups breasts for the record, but i don’t need to respond. Once the moment pass I carried on with joy. I smiled, I complemented the lady about her Excellent choice of styling. She seemed surprised that I didn’t have any offense or emotion to her comment........


You will not be broken or bent so easily by someone offensive words. Instead, meet it with strength and kindness. You are beautiful in every way and designed by God for greatness. Shake the dust from your feet, and keep going with your confidence and peace. I hope this gives you the encouragement to be kind, even when others don’t deserve it. So much easier said than done, but in a world full of muffins you be the cupcake.

xoxo Aubree Collette Lee